Happy Hens is the major producer of free-range eggs in Jersey. We are based in Grouville and keeps approximately 8,000 hens that produce 6,000 eggs per day.

The eggs are all sold locally through supermarkets, smaller shops and farm shops. Restaurants and hotels also buy eggs by the tray.
The hens are kept in mobile houses, which allow them access to the surrounding fields, so they can come and go as they please.

Although the free-range system is far more labour intensive and hence more costly than other methods, Happy Hens believes customers appreciate the improvement to the animals welfare free range gives and the better flavour over more intensive “factory farmed” systems.

The eggs are packed in brightly coloured boxes with a ‘fresh’ looking label which we feel gives emphasis to the freshness of the product, usually delivered within 24 hours of laying. Most English eggs will be about 10 days old before they are for sale in Jersey .

Happy Hens
La Ferme 
La Grande Route Des Sablons 

Telephone: 01534 860897
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Email: info@happyhens.je